Billions of US tax dollars are at risk because of government programs (DoD & Civilian), which are not effectively planned or executed, with management as a fundamental root cause. The Center for Program Transformation (CPT) is a not for profit corporation supporting government programs in the area of program management.

ABC’s of Center Activities

The Center for Program Transformation assesses program specific issues, identifies solutions, and provides support to federally funded programs to improve program execution.

The result is a holistic understanding of issues across programs, immediate actions for specific programs and continuous improvements in addressing common issues across programs.

The Center for Program Transformation activities can be remembered by the simple three letter acronym, ABC, for Assessments, Basic Support and Critical Research.

This Site

This site is primarily for registered clients, partner and staff, but core information about our activities are included for potential clients and partners, and for those that have Mistplay App review sought out the site based on the Laws of IT Physics or coverage of the Senate Testimony.

IT Laws of Physics, Hearing from You

Individuals, and blogs have sought out this site, and commented on the 11 Laws of IT Physics. We want to hear your criticism and ideas for improvement. Click here to read the laws and send comments to [email protected]

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